Mayam Tasks API Documentation


Welcome to the Mayam Tasks SDK and API documentation entry point!

Mayam Tasks provides access to tasks, MAM assets and BPM process instances through a unified SDK, supported by an underlying REST API.

The following information is available:

Prerequisite Information

If you are not familiar with Mayam Tasks from a system architecture and SDK/API point of view, recommended reading is available here:

BPM / Activiti Resources

The following resources are available to support BPM process modeling with Activiti:

Refer to the BPM Process Guide for information on how to install and configure Activiti. There is also a tutorial that goes through some of the samples processes.

Java SDK

The Java SDK client is the recommended third party access method. Compared to the REST API, the SDK offers higher level access to task, asset and process instance data. Other benefits with the SDK are:

SDK Online Documentation

SDK client documentation can be found here.

SDK Download

The Java client is available for download here.

This SDK client jar contains the Mayam SDK client including all required dependency jars.

SDK Examples Download

Example code for the SDK is available for download here.

Development Environment

While the Java SDK is generic and can be used in a range of environments, the programming guide tutorial uses the Eclipse IDE.


A RESTful (non-HATEOAS) API is also provided that provides extensive access to the Tasks system. The SDK above uses this REST API. Note that while the documentation describes the required JSON structures to manage complex type data, all complex types have a Java counterpart, which can be accessed in the SDK.

An API tutorial is available in the Programming Guide

API Online Documentation

API documentation can be found here.

Reporting Documentation

Reporting on tasks data is available using the BIRT report module (not installed on all systems). Supporting documentation is available here: